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Borley Rectory (2017)

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Borley Rectory (2017)

Borley Rectory (2017) Full Movie Details:

Borley Rectory is an animated documentary chronicling what came to be known as ‘The most haunted house in England’. The legends attached to the rectory at Borley and famed paranormal … See full summary »

Director: Ashley Thorpe
Writer: Ashley Thorpe
Stars: Claire Louise Amias, Annabel Bates, Ed Berry
Production Co: Carrion Film
Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 6 June 2017 (UK)
Runtime: 75 min
Genres: Animation

Borley Rectory (2017) Full Movie Plot Summary:

Borley Rectory is an animated documentary chronicling what came to be known as ‘The most haunted house in England’. The legends attached to the rectory at Borley and famed paranormal investigator Harry Price’s subsequent investigations of them, caught the public’s imagination during the late 20’s in time becoming one of the world’s most notorious ghost stories. Borley Rectory will examine the legend, the controversial investigations and a ghost story that may well reveal more about what might have been missing from Borley rather than what might have been invading it. Written by Ashley Thorpe

Borley Rectory (2017) TRAILER:

Borley Rectory - 'Last chance to join' - Teaser 2017

Our tenancy at Borley Rectory is finally coming to an end. With production now heading into final edit, music score and sound, we are now offering one lucky individual the opportunity to come...


In any investigation, the testimony of witnesses is key to deciding whether accounts given by them stand up to scrutiny. And the Borley Rectory story of alleged paranormality is one of them....

BORLEY RECTORY - Trailer 2018

Release trailer for the animated documentary 'Borley Rectory'. The film stars Reece Shearsmith (League of Gentlemen, Inside No 9, The Widower and ITV drama Chasing Shadows), Jonathan Rigby...

Borley Rectory Ghost | Return to Borley S04E02

We returned to Borley to look even deeper into the history of 'Borley Rectory', the most haunted house in England and to investigate the ghostly goings on at the infamous churchyard Borley...

Ghost Watch #10 - Borley Rectory

'The most haunted house in England'... This video illustrates an episode of 'Ghost Watch', a short series which was originally broadcast on the radio in the 1980s. Underwood published his...

BORLEY RECTORY Trailer (2017) Ghost Story - Horror

BORLEY RECTORY + NIMMER(16′) + Q&A - 4.00pm - SUNDAY 8TH OCTOBER 2017 - GRIMMFEST - MANCHETSER - UK. http://grimmfest.com/grimmupnorth/2017/09/borely-rectory/ Synopsis: The legends attached...

England's Most Haunted House | The Borley Rectory

The Borely Rectory, at one time was regarded to be the most Haunted House in all of England. The Rectory was home to a Phantom Nun, a Headless Coachmen and a ghostly nun. Even England's most...

Borley Rectory Teaser Trailer 2014

Teaser trailer for the forthcoming animated documentary on 'BORLEY RECTORY' - The most haunted house in England. Starring Reece Shearsmith, Jonathan Rigby, Claire Louise Amias, Annabel Bates,...

Englands Most Haunted House | The Borley Rectory

Here is a video covering a few of many reports of activity at Borley Church, the Essex building linked to the former haunted Borley Rectory. There are other . The Borely Rectory, at one...

BORLEY RECTORY - Clive Barker & Seraphim support

Ashley Thorpe's video thank you to Seraphim productions and Clive Barker for their support and donation of the limited edition signed print to the 'Borley Rectory' campaign. To support the...

Clips of the Borley Rectory nun,this is the most haunted house in the UK

Borley Rectory,Essex UK.

Borley Rectory (2017) Full Movie

Borley Rectory 2016 Full Movie'

Borley Rectory - Mystic Menagerie interview with Reece Shearsmith

Reece Shearsmith talks on the Mystic Menagerie podcast (circa 2014) about working on the forthcoming animation 'Borley Rectory'. The film is due for completion late 2016 / 2017. For more details...

TERRIFYING! Ghost Activity at Borley Church (Paranormal Hunters Episode 1)

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