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The Shannara Chronicles 2017

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The Shannara Chronicles 2017

The Shannara Chronicles 2017 Full Movie Details:

Series of adventures, war, and evil that occur throughout the history of the Four Lands.

Creators: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Stars: Austin Butler, Ivana Baquero, Manu Bennett
Production Co: Farah Films, Music Television (MTV), Sonar Entertainment
Country: USA | New Zealand
Language: English
Release Date: 5 January 2016 (USA)
Runtime: 42 min
Genres: Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

The Shannara Chronicles 2017 Full Movie Plot Summary:

An Elvish tree, known as the Ellcrys, is dying. The bad news is that the tree has been the only piece of magic that protects the Four Lands from the Demon World. Amberle Elessedil is the only one who can save the tree. But she has to unlock magic that the Elves haven’t used in thousands of years. With the help of Wil Ohmsford, she travels to find the lost magic. But it won’t be an easy task. Written by Chris Green

The Shannara Chronicles 2017 TRAILER:

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES Season 2 Official Trailer (HD) Spike Original Series

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES Season 2 Official Trailer (HD) Spike TV Original Series SUBSCRIBE for more TV Trailers HERE: https://goo.gl/TL21HZ One year after the events of the last season of...

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Official Trailer

One year after the events of the last season of The Shannara Chronicles; The Four Lands are in chaos - the re-emergence of magic has the populace terrified, and an organization called The Crimson...

The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 Finale (SYFY Middle East 2017)

All featured work is property of NBCUniversal International. Promo produced by David Startup. For more information, visit: www.davidstartupcreative.com.

The Shannara Chronicles Comes to Spike

The fantastic and mystical world from the best-selling novels "The Shannara Chronicles" is coming to Spike Thursday, June 29 at 11/10c. Subscribe for more: spke.co/1pmVCvW Follow Spike: Facebook:...

The Writers Give A BTS Scoop on Season 2 | The Shannara Chronicles (Season 2)

The writers take you behind the scenes on a bigger, bolder, more intense season two of The #ShannaraChronicles Tune in for new episodes October 11th on Spike. 'The Shannara Chronicles'...

Eretria & Lyria | I found (+2x08)

Eretria & Lyria (Lyretria) Show : The Shannara Chronicles Song : I found - Amber Run I own nothing but editing. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance...

The Shannara Chronicles Staffel 2 Trailer German Deutsch Exklusiv (2017)

The Shannara Chronicles Staffel 2 Trailer German Deutsch (USA 2017, OT: The Shannara Chronicles Season 2) ▻Abonniere uns! : http://www.bit.ly/mpTrailer VÖ: Ab 21.12.2017 auf Blu-Ray und...

The Shannara Chronicles 2x02 Promo "Wraith" (HD) This Season On

The Shannara Chronicles 2x02 "Wraith" Season 2 Episode 2 Promo - Wil and Mareth search for answers. Elsewhere: King Ander seeks reinforcement and is given an ultimatum after visiting a nearby...

'You Can Read Druid?' Ep. 207 Official Clip | The Shannara Chronicles (Season 2)

Mareth shares a bit of her own family history with Wil that gives him a little more insight into Allanon. New episodes of #Shannara air back-to-back Wednesdays at 9/8c and 10/9c on Spike. ...

Ivana Baquero Speaks On The Spike Series, "The Shannara Chronicles"

Based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Terry Brooks, Spike's "The Shannara Chronicles" follows heroes in the Four Lands as they embark on a quest to stop an evil Demon army from destroyin...

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 "Lyria" Promo (HD)

Lyria is an uncomplicated woman. Meet her when The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 premieres on Spike this Wednesday October 11th at 10/9c. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more The Shannara...

NYCC 2017: Ivana Baquero of The Shannara Chronicles

Ivana Baquero discusses The Shannara Chronicles at New York Comic Con.

The Shannara Chronicles Explained: Did Amberle die at the end of Season One?

In this quick video we will discuss what really happened to Amberle at the end of the Shannara Chronicles Season 1. Did she really die? The short answer is no, and the long answer, is no. ...

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Meet New Characters

All rights reserved to Spike.

NYCC 2017: Austin Butler of The Shannara Chronicles

Austin Butler discusses how he was cast and how he approaches his character on The Shannara Chronicles at New York Comic Con.

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